“I really struggled when mum went into hospital level rest home care. I wanted to make sure she was receiving the best possible care and that we were making the right decisions at the right points in time as her condition deteriorated. Having an independent specialist, one that works directly for us - the family, was invaluable. Giving Time™ understand industry best practice and can oversee a care plan, making sure you get what you need.

I highly recommend Kaye and team.”

Peter Miles


"Of recent times my mother has been in and out of hospital with various ailments which have brought on delirium, confusion, and progressed to more memory loss associated with dementia.

The one person who has been instrumental in assisting me through a lot of these challenges is the lovely Kaye Davies, who has recently left Auckland hospital having been a nurse specialist there for some years.

In short, she has the contacts, the staff and knowledge on everything for elderly people, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has been able to cut through barriers that as a distressed daughter I wouldn’t have known where to start.

I would highly recommend her."

Tracy Malcolm




I’m intrigued by older people. Their time, stories and journeys are so different, and I love working with them; I consider it a privilege to be part of these years.

I know about successful ageing, the options and arguments for and against staying home, moving to a residential village and beyond. I help you and your family work out the how and follow up with everyone until we both consider things sorted out.


• Coping alone in the family home
• Feeling the loss of a lifelong partner
• Living with a progressive illness
• Linking when families are in distant places
• Approaching safety and security
• Identifying the struggles
• Introducing support services
• Staying in the home (or leaving)
• Organising the family home when it’s time to move on
• Transitioning from home to formal care


• A comprehensive review; centred around timeliness
• Bringing together of all the information, assessment and any other details needed for a trouble-free transition
• Life changing decisions must be made in an informed manner, we can arrange temporary care, and support to get back to living life with choices

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